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Computer Science
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What is Computer Science?

As a discipline, computer science involves the process of solving real world problems using technical solutions, such as design, development and analysis of algorithms, software, hardware, automation, and more. The field of Computer Science is embedded across multiple industries on a global scale and its importance continues to prevail in the world today. Graduates of the Computer Science concentration will harness their understanding of fundamental concepts in computer science to act as thought leaders, serving as a conduit to transfer ideas between those most interested in what is new and those most interested in what is useful. The University of Toronto’s Department of Computer Science is universally recognized as one of the strongest in the world. Its primary aim is to prepare students to conduct ground-breaking practical applied research on various fields within computer science.

The computer science concentration offers students an advanced understanding of computer science methods, vigorous research training and the opportunity to test your knowledge in the real world through our applied research internship.

We invite students from a wide range of disciplinary backgrounds to apply but you must demonstrate a strong background in computer science – preferably through formal academic training at senior undergraduate level.

Endless Career Opportunities

Discover the endless possibilities to accelerate your career as a world-class innovator. 

Algorithm Engineer Graphics Engineer
Algorithm Engineer Graphics Engineer
blockchain engineer HCI Researcher
blockchain engineer HCI Researcher
Computer System Analyst Vulnerability Researcher
Computer System Analyst Vulnerability Researcher

Career Opportunities in Computer Science

  • Algorithm Engineer

  • Blockchain Engineer

  • Computer System Analyst

  • Enterprise Architect, Data Architect

  • Global Head of Technology

  • Graphics Engineer

  • HCI Researcher

  • Senior Animation Programmer

  • Senior Cloud Solution Architect

  • Senior Engineering Manager

  • Software Engineer

  • Vulnerability Researcher

Program Requirements

  • Students must successfully complete six graduate level courses (totalling 3.0 Full Course Equivalents (FCEs)) as follows:

    • Three graduate courses (1.5 FCE) must be chosen from the Department of Computer Science approved list in two different groups, including a maximum of 1 course from Group 2.

    • One graduate course (0.5 FCE) must be chosen from Group 1, 3, 4. At least two of the four courses must be taken from the Computer Science course schedule. While the other two are typically from the Computer Science course schedule, students have the flexibility to choose sufficiently technical graduate courses from other departments as well. Course groupings can be found on the Computer Science website

    • Two required courses (1.0 FCEs): Communication for Computer Scientists (CSC 2701H) and Technical Entrepreneurship (CSC 2702H).

  • An eight-month industrial internship, CSC 2703H (3.5 FCEs). The internship is coordinated by the department and evaluated on a pass/fail basis. ‘Pass’ grades are awarded based on evaluations received from the industry/academic supervisors of the internship project and submission of an appropriately written final report, documenting the applied research internship.