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Artificial Intelligence
in Healthcare

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What is Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare?

This subdiscipline is at the forefront of a new chapter of medicine we are entering and provides students with the opportunity and ability to improve patient care and quality of life. Medical professionals are recognizing the value of acquiring AI skills as their work aligns with colleagues in computer science and engineering to develop and deploy new and exciting tools.

Computer Science and Engineering majors undertaking this field need to be well versed in working with medical data and medical experts. These specialists must be aware of the biases AI tools are likely to introduce to clinical practice and prevent these and other undesirable effects from happening. At the same time medical professionals are eager to acquire the skills that will enable them to be the drivers of the development and deployment of AI into clinical practice. They must also understand what is involved in the creation of these tools so they can understand the limitations.

The proposed AI and Healthcare concentration aims to provide a training background for students who desire to enter the field as either medical experts or computer scientists/engineers. There is currently no program in Canada that is truly joint between the Departments of Computer Science and Medicine that would achieve the rigour required for safe and secure development and deployment of AI in the field of healthcare broadly, making this concentration one of a kind. 

Endless Career Opportunities

Discover the endless possibilities to accelerate your career as a world-class innovator.

Data Analytics Lead Junior Data Specialist
Data Analytics Lead Junior Data Specialist
PhD Student Senior Software Engineer
PhD Student Senior Software Engineer
Director of Product Development Staff Software Developer
Director of Product Development Staff Software Developer

Career Opportunities in Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

  • Data Analytics Lead

  • Director, Product Development

  • Junior Data Specialist

  • Machine Learning Specialist

  • Machine Learning Team Lead

  • PhD Student



  • Principal Research Associate, Data Science and AI

  • Researcher

  • Senior Software Engineer

  • Senior Software Engineer – Machine Learning

  • Staff Software Developer

Program Requirements

  • Students must successfully complete a total of 3.0 full-course equivalents (FCEs) as follows:
    • 0.5 FCE of coursework in the area of Data Science from an approved list
    • 0.5 FCE of coursework in approved AI courses
    • 0.5 FCE in approved Group 3 courses (visualization/systems/software engineering) Course groupings can be found on the Computer Science website
    • 0.5 FCE of LMP/MHI coursework from an approved list
    • 1.0 FCEs required professional courses Communication for Computer Scientists (CSC 2701H) and Technical Entrepreneurship (CSC 2702H)
  • An eight-month industrial internship, CSC 2703H (3.5 FCEs). The internship is coordinated by the department and evaluated on a pass/fail basis. ‘Pass’ grades are awarded based on evaluations received from the industry/academic supervisors of the internship project and submission of an appropriately written final report, documenting the applied research internship.